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About Us

Retail Holdings NV (the "Company"") is a Curacao (formerly the Netherlands Antilles) public company that is the successor company to the Singer Company N.V. and its predecessor companies.  Price quotations for the Company's common shares are currently available on the "Pink Sheets" quotation service under the symbol “RHDGF.”

The Company has as its principal asset a 54.1% equity interest in Sewko Holdings Limited (“Sewko”), the parent company of Singer Asia Limited, a distributor of consumer durable products through public subsidiaries in Bangladesh and India. Retail Holdings N.V. has no other operating activities other than those carried out through Sewko/Singer Asia.

Strategy Statement

The strategy of the ultimate public holding company (hereinafter referred to as “ReHo”), is to maximize and, ultimately, to monetize the value of its assets. ReHo intends to make regular cash distributions to its shareholders and to opportunistically purchase Shares. The objective is to commence the ultimate liquidation of ReHo within the next one to two years and to distribute the resulting funds to its shareholders. 

The Company will seek to enhance the liquidation value of Sewko through profitable growth of its core business alongside initiatives to exploit ancillary opportunities that leverage the Singer brand and Sewko’s unique distribution footprint. The catalyst for the ultimate liquidation of ReHo will be the sale of Sewko, or a sale of the shares of the Sewko public company subsidiaries, either in a single transaction or in a series of such transactions.

Pending the disposition of its stake in Sewko and ReHo’s ultimate liquidation, the Company intends to minimize holding company personnel and other administrative costs, and to use cash in excess of requirements to pay dividends and distributions to shareholders and/or to opportunistically purchase Shares. In the period 2007 through March 2018, the Company has made dividend and distribution payments to shareholders totaling $28.75 per Share. The Company has also purchased a total of 2,206,317 Shares through negotiated and open market transactions - 4,650,244 Shares remain outstanding.