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Retail Holdings N.V. (the "Company”) announced on March 31, 2023 that the Company’s shareholders had approved the voluntary liquidation of the Company, now identified as Retail Holdings N.V. – In Liquidation (the “Liquidating Company”), in Curacao, the country of the Company’s incorporation. Approximately 98.75% of shareholders attending the meeting, in person or by proxy, voted in favor of liquidation. The entire Board of Directors and Officers of the Company have  resigned effective March 31, 2023. 

Shareholders at the meeting appointed as Liquidator, Ms. Ramona Alfred, a Curacao resident with a dispensation from the Central Bank of Curacao and Saint Maarten to provide liquidator services. Ms. Alfred will be assisted by Antillean Management Corporation N.V., (the “Administrator”)  a  Curacao, secretarial  services company, who will act as Administrator to the Liquidator and assist her in preparing, completing, and filing all liquidation documents with the local authorities as are deemed necessary.   The Liquidator, assisted by  the Administrator, will assume control of all the assets and operations of the Liquidating Company as at March 31, 2023, and will complete the liquidation and dissolve that company when all the requirements for liquidation pursuant to Curacao law and regulation have been satisfied.

No distribution is being made to shareholders at this time. At the discretion of, at a time and in an amount to be determined by the Liquidator, the Liquidator may pay from the cash balance of the Liquidating Company a distribution of the funds, if any, that are determined by the Liquidator to be in excess of likely future claims on the Liquidating Company and other expenses for the liquidation until its ultimate conclusion.

The Company on May 8, 2023 provided a summary report including  financial information with a balance sheet as at March 31, 2023 and results of  operations from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023.

It is not anticipated that the Liquidating Company will provide any financial statements for the period beyond March 31, 2023, other than those that will be required in the liquidation process. The Liquidating Company  in the period following liquidation will provide applicable notices to shareholders, initially through publication on the Company’s website and by other means thereafter, as well, as appropriate, through notices in the Landscourant van Curacao.

For additional information or questions, shareholders may contact the Liquidator through the Administrator at