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About Us

About Us

Retail Holdings NV (the "Company"") is a Curacao (formerly the Netherlands Antilles) public company that is the successor company to the Singer Company N.V. and its predecessor companies.  Price quotations for the Company's common shares are currently available on the "Pink Sheets" quotation service under the symbol “RHDGF.”

The Company has divested all of its operating assets and has commenced a liquidation process.

Strategy Statement

In 2021, the Company completed the operating company divestment program begun in 2015. In that year, the Company outlined a strategy, “to manage and, ultimately, to monetize the value of its assets, to make regular cash distributions to shareholders, and to liquidate." A total of approximately $267 million in net proceeds from asset sales were generated, and a total of $38.86 per Share has so far been distributed to shareholders.

Pending ultimate liquidation, the Company will have to fund continuing, albeit declining, legacy expenses, certain fixed costs of being a public company, and maintain a management structure, resulting in continuing P&L losses.